Everyday Care of Your New Purchase

Functional Pottery

Mugs, plates, bowls, glazed ware, etc.

My functional pottery is dishwasher and microwave safe, though hand-washing is preferred. When you put a plate in the microwave, spread the food out evenly. If food is just on one part of the plate it may crack. In the dishwasher, think twice about putting in little pieces. For instance a jar might fly around in there and chip. Little things are easy enough to hand wash.

Horsehair and Raku Pottery

Horsehair and raku glazed pieces are not to be used with food, are not for cooking, and should not be put in the dishwasher. They are not sanitary to use for this purpose and the glazes might be hazardous if ingested. Vases should only be used to house silk or dried flowers since these types of pieces cannot hold water or any other liquid safely.

To clean horsehair or raku glazed pottery, use of a lightly damp cloth to dust off the pieces should suffice. The horsehair pottery in particular has a layer of wax protecting the color of the decorations and does not need a thorough scrubbing with any abrasive sponges or cleaning agents.